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Your Cost

Flat Rate Plan

Covers labor and minor parts (costing under $20.00.) Parts covered by this plan are only replaced under the Flat Rate Plan if they failed due to normal wear or operations

Reprogramming or Flashing Update Only

No longer available. Included at no extra cost with repair.


Every unit has a present "Maximum Cost," (the Flat Rate based on the Quantity), which is your price for the repair. (Maximum Cost is the bracket price plus 10%.) If the repair exceeds the Maximum Cost, you will be called and
  • We will inform you of the manufacturer, model, what is needed, and cost to repair.
  • YOU will decide if you want the repairs done.
  • If you turn it down, your only charge will be a "check out charge" of $25.00 or $30.00, based on tech time.

  • Any parts that are missing, broken or need replacing in order for the unit to be operational, will be replaced at an additional cost. Example: an intermediate frame on a Coinco needed to carry the bill up and into the cash box.

    We will not replace parts that are missing, that aren't required to make the unit operational, unless requested by the customer. Example: The cash box or the bezel (face mask) is not on the unit and is not required to make the unit operational.

Minimum Check Out Charge

The minimum check out charge will be $25.00 on any unit that is either:
  1. Too expensive to repair.
  2.  The customer turns down repair.
  3. For units under shop warranty that we find are N.F.F. (no fault found) or O.E. (operator error) anytime during the first half of the warranty period, there will be No Check Out Charge (a one time per unit). After that initial time, or if it is returned during that period for a second time and either N.F.F. or O.E. is determined, there will be a $20.00 check out charge. If you have an intermittent problem, or a problem that does not show up for several hours or days, be sure to tape a note with those details on the unit.

Due to age, parts availability or labor cost (time of repair), we don't service:
  1. ~ COINCO - MC-2600 & MC-2800 series.
  2. ~ COINCO – Any of the 4 tube units.
  3. ~ COINCO – Vantage.
  4. ~ COINCO – Older Mustard color Changers – S-75, etc.
  5. ~ ROWE - RBA-7 MARS
  6. ~ CBA-2
  7. ~ LUBA-2

We still repair Cash Code AMZ-USA models, but they cannot be updated for new currency.You can always call to see if a certain model can be updated for new currency. Do not send it just the acceptor. Send in the complete changer. We need the complete unit because some acceptors and changes must be checked out and repaired and tuned together. The cost is the same.